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Pagans with kids' Journal
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Date:2011-11-14 12:07
Subject:Yule and other questions

Do you tie Yule and Christmas together? If you do, which parts? If you have children, what parts of Yule do you share/teach them? Do you do any rituals personally?

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Date:2011-09-14 19:01
Subject:Custom Rituals for New Age Practitioners

A year and one day. This is the amount of time traditionally allotted to the novice witch to study and become familiar with the craft prior to initiation into the fold. Those lucky few among us might find a coven willing to guide them through this period in their spiritual development. Most of us are what is now known as a solitary practitioner which is an idea popularized by Scott Cunningham. It can be very difficult to complete this study period because there is simultaneously too much and not enough information. There are a ton of books available on the subject of magick and pagan spirituality. However, what I found during my year and one day was that much of the information repeated itself over and over again and never allowed you to delve deeper into the craft. Additionally, the spells provided might feel hollow to you, invoking names of goddesses and gods what are unfamiliar or never quite expressing what you want to say or request from the universe. Writing rituals can be very difficult for many people, however, who have many ideas and beliefs but do not know how to incorporate them into the ritual. Some practitioners might fear not having the proper ritual format for maximum efficiency.

In general, many people simply do not have the time to write rituals and determine every aspect from tools used to words selected. I offer the best of both worlds by completely customizing rituals for individuals practicing magic. You tell me the occassion or your intention, discuss your beliefs with me, and what kinds of tools you want to use (if any.) I provide rituals for the sabbats, esbats, and general spell work. There are several delivery options: a digital copy of your ritual, a printed copy of your ritual (high quality paper, ready-made for inclusion in your book of shadows), or a full ritual set which includes not only a printed copy of your ritual but all supplies necessary. I also offter the service of forming a complete book of shadows for new practitioners. Please note, this service is meant to be a supplement to your studies and not a substitute for your own research. It is important that clients realize that the rituals will be completely thiers; I maintain no copyright on those that I write and they will belong completely to you to use and distribute how you choose. All rituals are written from scratch and are never reused for another client giving each of you a truly custom experience.

A little bit about me personally. I've been a practicing Wiccsan for over a decade during which time I have extensively studied different forms of magick and psychic development. I am a professional writer and mother of two. I love the outdoors which has allowed me to add unique facets to my practice of magick.

I can't wait to help witches around the world take their magic to the next level with customized rituals for every occassion and intention.

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Date:2011-09-12 12:20
Subject:Combining Beliefs ... Samhain

Hi again.

Here's the background:
Hubby is a liberal eclectic Christian. He is very supportive of my beliefs. I am an earth based pagan who believes in no deity, but rather the energies of the earth. I believe in reincarnation and a lot of Celtic Pagan beliefs without the deity. I believe in stone energies and Tarot and powers unexplained, spirits unknown. ... Hubby and I have two children together (ages 4 and 3). We're raising our children exposed to all faiths (once their a couple years older) and allow them choose whatever faith they'd like, helping them research, etc.

Hubby wants to incorporate my beliefs and his together. He'd like to learn more about my faith and put them together for holidays for the kids. He says that he feels that we need to share something that's such a large part of us with each other and our children. It allows me to not feel so alone in my beliefs, allows him to share in my belief and me in his, and allows our children to grow up in an environment of togetherness.

This morning hubby asked me if I wanted to start doing some research and figure out what we'd like to do for the holidays coming up, more specifically Samhain. I don't know how to mesh his world into mine. He is completely open to the idea, but I've only recently started actually practicing my belief instead of just believing it in my soul. I've always loved Samhain and the beliefs behind it, but have no idea what rituals or practices to actually do.

What do you suggest? I'm completely open to any and all ideas. I really really want to make this work, to start this new chapter, but I feel so lost, overwhelmed, and alone. Google frustrates me with it's fluffiness at times. Please help! Thanks in advance. It really means a lot.

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Date:2011-09-10 16:43

I'm looking for a Pagan podcast with Celtic/Gaelic tendencies and *hopefully* earth and energy tendencies too. I know that's a lot to expect from a podcast, or a blog even. I'm hoping to find one so I don't feel so incredibly alone in my practice. I'm an earth based Pagan with emphasis on energies. I don't believe in deities. Most of the podcasts and sites I've found have emphasis on deities and rituals. In fact most of them are actually Wiccan in origin. I need to connect to something to give me some kind of connections. I'm looking for a mentor and if it has to be over the web, then so be it. Any suggestions?

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Date:2010-10-07 10:13
Subject:New Facebook group

  To all you Pagan families out there-Sowing Circle is a new Pagan resource group for Pagan families based in South Wales. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=113710485352987

We're also thinking of creating a group here on LJ-is there any interest in a group?

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Date:2009-05-30 20:49
Subject:Fathers day on Litha
Mood: contemplative

So this year Fathers day falls on Litha. I am wondering what other parents are doing to incorperate the two as one. My daughter is just turning three in Aug so this years plans for the sabats has been more detailed and fun, and of of course child oriented as apposed to the last 2 years when she was too young to participate. Do you set aside a specific time to enjoy daddy-children time, or do you work into all into the Litha holiday? As Litha is dedicated partially to fathers, like beltane was to mothers, I think this year we are going to try and work both into each other equally. Of course this means will be giving gifts to daddy-dearest, but I'm sure we'll find a way to incorperate that into our rituals if we truely want to. So I ask you my fellow pagan parents how do you celebrate Litha? and do you plan to incorperate fathers day into your litha celebrations or celebrate the two seperately (on the same day or not usually depending on daddy-dearest's work scheduel)


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Date:2009-05-09 14:36
Subject:Looking for submissions for a book, if inappropriate I will remove
Mood: contemplative

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Date:2009-04-21 09:05
Subject:Reclaiming Family Camp

Here is a link for anyone interested in attending a family oriented Witch Camp. The name of the camp is Wild Child. 

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Date:2009-03-17 12:16
Subject:What do you do?
Mood: thoughtful

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I am very interested in what everyone else does, and I am freely open to suggestions ^.^

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Date:2009-03-16 11:13
Subject:Ostara Celebration?
Mood: creative

Was just wanting to find out if anyone has any special Ostara rituals or activities that you do with your children... since it's coming up this weekend and I would really like to celebrate it with the kids. We always celebrate Beltaine and Yule with ours, and I would like to try and incorporate some more of the pagan holidays into their lives, and educate them in the process. So any suggestons anyone has, or ideas for reading material about it, would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! :)

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Date:2009-02-23 08:38
Subject:My latest articles...

Angel Food Ministries:Helping to Make Quality Food A fordable

Times are tight and it's harder to put quality food on the table. Angel Food Ministries is helping by selling quality foods for half the price.

Teaching Your Pagan Faith to Youth:Resources for Pagan Parents and Community Leaders

There is a growing demand from Pagan parents for resources to help teach their children about the Pagan faith. Here are some resources to help you get started.

Review: The Traveler by Sol Smith: A Story of Supernatrual Identity Theft with a Wiccan Twist

Smith spins a tale about a Abigale, a Wiccan teen, who is coping with the loss of her mother and an unrequited crush as a mysterious presence steals her identity.

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Date:2009-01-26 12:17
Subject:Pooka's Sandbox has new Address

Pooka's Sandbox, a Pagan youth magazine has moved to a new address: www.pookapages.com

The Imbolc issue is up and available to download!


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Date:2009-01-17 00:30
Subject:The W-word and kids
Mood: guilty

I messed up.

It has been a hard week. It's still summer holidays in Australia and my son is five, about to start school this year, and bored beyond belief with his kindy still being closed. Add to that my sleep dep from night feeding our 4 month old daughter and there's been some serious cabin fever going on around here.

Anyway tonight DS was telling me that witches don't exist and I, without thinking, started telling him otherwise. He's seen my "magic box" full of tarot cards, pentacles, candles, herbs, an athame, and crystal wand before but I suppose he doesn't remember. I'm the solitary type of witch and haven't done a full ritual in years. Well this time he freaked out. After a while it looked like he was mostly playing along with the sort of reaction that Scooby Doo and other kids shows have told him is the expected reaction to finding a witch. I feel so stupid though. I don't think I explained it well enough that the sort of "witch" I am and the sort they have on TV shows are different.

It certainly doesn't help that his mother, the witch, has also been a cranky overheated *itch lately. (We had the hottest night on record this week and no air condtioning.) I'm scared I've really messed with his sense of certainty and security in the world.

Since he's only 5 years old I have my doubts that a history lesson on the persecution of pagans by Christians is going to help much. Does anybody have any advice for this situation?

made by speakingsoul at make_em

Blinky by speakingsoul at make_em

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Date:2009-01-14 06:16
Subject:I'd love to see more pagan shops like this on the web....


They have a kids athame kit made of leather, and lots of cool things for pagan kids! Check out the coloring books!


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Date:2009-01-13 10:02
Subject:Pagan Family Summer Camp
Mood: curious

Wild Child
May 21-25, 2009
A Reclaiming Witchcamp for all ages
Sponsored by SpiralHeart
Held at Pocahontas State Park, near Richmond, VA
Bring your inner child (and any actual children) to a four day Witchcamp
experience, Thursday evening-Monday noon on Memorial Day weekend. Path work
with experienced teachers in the mornings with lots of free time in the
afternoons for walks in the woods or craft play. Evenings are for group
ritual, drum circles, and bonfires.
Come out and play in a wooded setting with rustic cabins housing 4-8 campers
each. Healthy meals are included. Amenities include hot showers and flush
Cost for the camp is on a sliding scale. Adults (18 and over)$200-$250
Children (6 - 17) $100-$150
Children up to 6 yrs. free
Registration for Wild Child is now open, register online

For more information email: wild child at spiral heart dot org 
For more information on Reclaiming

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Date:2009-01-05 14:55
Subject:Articles for Pagan Parents

Chanting with Children

"Seasons of Magic"

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Date:2008-10-31 16:07
Subject:Dirt is good!

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Date:2008-08-13 20:45
Subject:Check out my new Community - Hippy Yogini mom.
Mood: hopeful

Check out my first post at http://community.livejournal.com/hippy_yoginimom/.

Please spread the word!

I'm looking forward to meeting everyone!


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Date:2008-08-07 20:02
Subject:What Do I Do?
Mood: chipper

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Date:2008-06-10 12:46
Subject:New community.
Mood: hopeful

I have a new community where you can post spells for anyone to use. It's kind of a giant BOS. Please join :3 spell_casting.

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