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The W-word and kids

I messed up.

It has been a hard week. It's still summer holidays in Australia and my son is five, about to start school this year, and bored beyond belief with his kindy still being closed. Add to that my sleep dep from night feeding our 4 month old daughter and there's been some serious cabin fever going on around here.

Anyway tonight DS was telling me that witches don't exist and I, without thinking, started telling him otherwise. He's seen my "magic box" full of tarot cards, pentacles, candles, herbs, an athame, and crystal wand before but I suppose he doesn't remember. I'm the solitary type of witch and haven't done a full ritual in years. Well this time he freaked out. After a while it looked like he was mostly playing along with the sort of reaction that Scooby Doo and other kids shows have told him is the expected reaction to finding a witch. I feel so stupid though. I don't think I explained it well enough that the sort of "witch" I am and the sort they have on TV shows are different.

It certainly doesn't help that his mother, the witch, has also been a cranky overheated *itch lately. (We had the hottest night on record this week and no air condtioning.) I'm scared I've really messed with his sense of certainty and security in the world.

Since he's only 5 years old I have my doubts that a history lesson on the persecution of pagans by Christians is going to help much. Does anybody have any advice for this situation?

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