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What do you do?

So, I have struggled for many years now on how to incorporate my religion into my childrens lives. Being as J. and I both come from predominately Christian backgrounds, and most of the big family get togethers are around holidays. There are a lot of things I struggled with as far as celebrating the Sabbats with my children. I have been a Solitary Eclectic Pagan for many years, and it was never really an issue before.

My decision is simple. I'm going to continue to celebrate in private, making nice meals, and decorating appropriately (and discreetly) for the Sabbats, and explain to the boys once they come of age, what it is that Mommy does and why, and give them the choice of participating or not. I am not going to make a huge deal out of Christian holidays, and will simply heed to tradition when it comes to Ostara/Easter, Christmas/Yule and so on. It's easy enough to say "Happy Holidays" and most of the time, the traditions are Pagan based, so I dont have to worry about all that ^.^

I know most people disagree with this, but society does not easily accept Witches - at least not in my community, even in my family I have faced stupidity (I live in America) and I am not going to cause my children problems with school, and even family, for something they may not believe in. Religion is thier choice, not mine.

I am very interested in what everyone else does, and I am freely open to suggestions ^.^

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