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Fathers day on Litha

So this year Fathers day falls on Litha. I am wondering what other parents are doing to incorperate the two as one. My daughter is just turning three in Aug so this years plans for the sabats has been more detailed and fun, and of of course child oriented as apposed to the last 2 years when she was too young to participate. Do you set aside a specific time to enjoy daddy-children time, or do you work into all into the Litha holiday? As Litha is dedicated partially to fathers, like beltane was to mothers, I think this year we are going to try and work both into each other equally. Of course this means will be giving gifts to daddy-dearest, but I'm sure we'll find a way to incorperate that into our rituals if we truely want to. So I ask you my fellow pagan parents how do you celebrate Litha? and do you plan to incorperate fathers day into your litha celebrations or celebrate the two seperately (on the same day or not usually depending on daddy-dearest's work scheduel)

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