She Who Tends to Babies and Chickens (morningdove3202) wrote in pagan_parents,
She Who Tends to Babies and Chickens

My latest articles...

Angel Food Ministries:Helping to Make Quality Food A fordable

Times are tight and it's harder to put quality food on the table. Angel Food Ministries is helping by selling quality foods for half the price.

Teaching Your Pagan Faith to Youth:Resources for Pagan Parents and Community Leaders

There is a growing demand from Pagan parents for resources to help teach their children about the Pagan faith. Here are some resources to help you get started.

Review: The Traveler by Sol Smith: A Story of Supernatrual Identity Theft with a Wiccan Twist

Smith spins a tale about a Abigale, a Wiccan teen, who is coping with the loss of her mother and an unrequited crush as a mysterious presence steals her identity.
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