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Combining Beliefs ... Samhain

Hi again.

Here's the background:
Hubby is a liberal eclectic Christian. He is very supportive of my beliefs. I am an earth based pagan who believes in no deity, but rather the energies of the earth. I believe in reincarnation and a lot of Celtic Pagan beliefs without the deity. I believe in stone energies and Tarot and powers unexplained, spirits unknown. ... Hubby and I have two children together (ages 4 and 3). We're raising our children exposed to all faiths (once their a couple years older) and allow them choose whatever faith they'd like, helping them research, etc.

Hubby wants to incorporate my beliefs and his together. He'd like to learn more about my faith and put them together for holidays for the kids. He says that he feels that we need to share something that's such a large part of us with each other and our children. It allows me to not feel so alone in my beliefs, allows him to share in my belief and me in his, and allows our children to grow up in an environment of togetherness.

This morning hubby asked me if I wanted to start doing some research and figure out what we'd like to do for the holidays coming up, more specifically Samhain. I don't know how to mesh his world into mine. He is completely open to the idea, but I've only recently started actually practicing my belief instead of just believing it in my soul. I've always loved Samhain and the beliefs behind it, but have no idea what rituals or practices to actually do.

What do you suggest? I'm completely open to any and all ideas. I really really want to make this work, to start this new chapter, but I feel so lost, overwhelmed, and alone. Google frustrates me with it's fluffiness at times. Please help! Thanks in advance. It really means a lot.

xposted to various pagan communities for variety of answers
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